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Do you understand what Arielle Scarcella means when she says "Some MEN also have them [menstrual cycle] but they at the time are still female enough to have a cycle"? Because I'm having a tough time reconciling the wording as cissexist and just plain problematic.

buckangel responded on 08/14/2017

Hi Dani,
Thanks for the question and yes I think I do understand. She has been taught that women get periods., its what the world is taught. That is why I believe in education. She just need to be educated on this and I do not think she is intentionally saying this to be hurtful. It's what she has been told. Now it is up to us to make that change. Its hjust my opinion. I come from the place of teaching. Not getting angry if someone doesn't know. Lets teach. Thanks Buck


Where can i find more porn of you???

buckangel responded on 04/18/2016

Hi! You can find all my porn on my website. But specifically here:

with gratitude, Buck


i see onb the web site that buck will be at cornell this friday, 11-13-15.. its states that he will be conducting workshops. i'm trying to find out if he will be holding a general appearance speaking session while at cornell.. i've gone to the cornell web page and it states nothing about buck angel appearing there.. i would really like the chance to attend one of his speaking sessions.. any help and info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.. Mark Ameigh.

buckangel responded on 11/11/2015

Hi, Yes I am speaking at IVYQ at Cornell.on Saturday Nov. 14 2014
Saturday Nov. 14th
WORKSHOP 1-Bucking The System
Time: 10 - 11 AM
Room: Robert Purcell Community Center Room #220
WORKSHOP 2-Sexing The Transman
Time: 3:15 - 4:15 PM
Room: Robert Purcell Community Center Room #203

Facebook Page

See you there
Woof, Buck


Not really a question. Just wanted to say thanks for being! Your wife did a couple of my piercings in the 90's at Gauntlett. Was sad when she moved away. Discovered you on Netflix and you revived my sense of pride. Saw you were with her and somehow, it became a spiritual experience. What an amazing journey life can be!

buckangel responded on 09/11/2015

Hi there, thanks for this, but...you should read this

To see how this woman soon became the enemy of the LGBTQ world when she challenged my gender in the court of law.

Sad day for the many people who have worked so hard to have the same rights as all.

Then you might just have a change of heart.

Thank you for your love


Hi Buck, I'm the parent of a 15yr old ftm teenager in the UK. We were wondering if you have plans to come to the UK as it would be great to see you talk. You are such a positive role model (for both of us) and as I've followed your career since my child was tiny it feels like you are on this journey with us. When my son said he was ftm I immediately looked you up on YouTube and Facebook as an example for my child as someone who is a survivor and so strong.
You truly do influence the lives of people you have never met, thank you :)

Rachael x

buckangel responded on 05/21/2015

Hi Rachael, That is so sweet thank you so very much. I hope I can come back sometime this year. I am looking for some venues to speak in. Thank you for being such a great and amazing parent and loving your child. It would be an honor to meet both of you on my next trip. Please check out my events page where I update my travels all the time. http://buckangel.com/events/
Sending lots of love and gratitude, Buck


My name is George Peters and I was wondering if you do personal appearances? My birthday is coming up. Im a huge fan and watch your videos all the time.

buckangel responded on 03/28/2015

Hi George,
Yes just send me an email and we can discuss your needs.
With gratitude, Buck