Heya Buck. Sorry I missed you the last two trips out. Life is Beautiful and busy. Still gagging to come see you and Mexico, soon hopefully. Hope everything is well in your world brother.

So a question that you probly get all the time, and it's one that can only really be answered by an F2M BB. I know some transguys are lucky enough to have leanish composition, but I have always struggled with BF%. For me to get even CLOSE to losing my love handles, I basically have to suffer and starve for 9 weeks. My ideal weight (in terms of where I feel least dysphoric) is just under 80'kg. The problem is that when I try to bulk I inevitably pack it on around my love handles (part age, part genetics I guess) and it just makes me wanna off myself :p

So my question: are there particular approaches to diet and training that specifically address the unique hormonal make-up/physical pre-disposition some of us have? Cuz I want size :)

Much love Buck
Paige Elliot Phoenix

buckangel responded on 06/08/2013

Hey Paige,
This is a great question and I think many people have this "problem"
You are right when you say genetics plays a part but I do not think that is all of it. I think that really changing your "diet" and doing things that work for your type of body is the best thing.
That said, for example I have totally changed my workout routine to help get a bit more ripped and less bulky. What I did was to change the way I eat. First I stopped eating meat/chicken. I do not eat bread. I eat lots of fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruit. I eat very clean.
Next I started doing a more well rounded workout. More like P90X and that sort of thing where you are not just lifting weights but actually doing natural body movements. Those two things completely changed my body as well as my energy levels.
You can go to my website where I have been adding lots of great info and see if that helps.


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