Hey Buck, I've been on T for a bit over a year. I lost quite a bit of weight. I went from 135 to about 115. Needless to say I'm scrawny as hell. I really want to put on some healthy weight and build muscle but I have no idea where to start when it comes to nutrition or working out. I also run hot and have a rather high metabolism and I can't stomach certain foods(beef, pork, and I think I have to limit protein intake). With all of that my motivation has been well low would be an understatement. Basically is just like some advice on where/how to start or a place where I can build a plan that will actually work for me.

buckangel responded on 06/10/2013

Hey Buddy,

Eating the rght food is a big part of getting fit and adding good muscle mass. I also do not eat meat. I eat lots of fish and eggs for my protein as well as a great protein powder called Sun Warrior. So this is what i would suggest. Look into finding foods that your body can deal with that is important. Fresh good food. Eat a good amount of protein and lots of vegetables and fruits. Find workouts that you like. This is a big factor in motivation. I do the ones that are on my website BuckAngelBodybuilding.com
You just have to find your thing and once you do you will be motivated.

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