hi buck !
I d like to ask what are your mind about the opportunities offered in the future related to the surgery. I have followed the work of Dr. Anthony Atala is able to grow penis in rabbits.I am versed in all the details of the operation performed by Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic from my neighboring country of Serbia, but to me it was not necessary and I would accept something constructive in the future if there is a possibility.I noticed that your opinion is like because I am interested in what are your mind about?http://singularityhub.com/2011/03/15/growing-human-organs-%E2%80%94-dr-anthony-atala-blows-the-minds-of-a-ted-audience/

buckangel responded on 07/09/2013

Wow what a great article thank you. I think it is wonderful that they are doing these types of things to further the advancement of the penis surgery. Not only for transmen but for other men too. For myself I opted out of the surgery many years ago because it just was not for me. I am totally ok being without a penis. But for some it is important and I respect that choice, just like I hope they will respect mine.
Thanks so much for the great question.

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