So Buck, What is the street team all about? I have had two FtoM BF's. It's a long story. I'm gay but actually I guess since I've had two FtoM BF's, queer is a better term. Anyhow, I think you're great! I love to talk about you as a Hot male Porn star. I first saw you first in Cirque Noir, and you've made my dick hard ever since!~What can I do to help you???? Please let me know! Woofs and Hugz! (Maybe even more), Lorenzo G D'Oria, Ft Lauderdale, FL.

buckangel responded on 08/28/2013

Oh thats just about people who help to spread the word. Thanks so much and so happy to hear about your FTM BF thats so cool. I remember back in the day when it was so hard for people to talk about.

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