Not a question, but a HUGE thank you. When I started dating my hubby he was so insecure regarding his body and bottom surgery, He often threw up when we had sex or cuddled or had major dysphoria attacks but after we found you online and he realized that being a man definitely not sit between the legs, but in your head and seeing you at ease with yourself. He started viewing himself bit by bit as a good enough man and today more days than not he manages to love himself too. Not for that, finally getting T-shots and getting surgery planned helps tremendously. But ultimately YOU started his process of accepting himself as he is. So a HUGE thank you, for being yourself and out there publicly doing your thing. Without you, I honestly believe I would have had to visit a grave instead of walking into our living room to spend time with him.

buckangel responded on 08/28/2013

Hi There,
Thank you for this wonderful letter. It breaks my heart when I hear these stories and I hear them more often than I would like too. But it is so great to see that your BF finally loves himself. That is a big deal and I commend him on making that change. It is not an easy one thats for sure. One of the reasons I love what I a do that I am able to help others feel so good about themselves. Tell him thank you.

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