I have to congratulate you bud. You are a true Hero to both the Trans and Non Trans world. I have followed your career from the beginning when your photo book came out. You are not only a Hunk but a very Brave and Honorable man. Truly! Every time I see a vid of you on YouTube or doing interviews I get more and more impressed! Not many would have the dedication and drive to continue for as long as you have. Many many thanks.

buckangel responded on 09/07/2013

That is so nice of you to say. I just kinda feel like it's a path that has been chosen for me now. It could change who knows but for now I feel very passionate about my work. Which is an awesome way to feel. And of course would not be able to really make an impact without the support I get from people like yourself so I want you to know I have lots of gratitude for you.

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