I got a question you got a dick or a pussy cause your one buff lookin motherfucker man, wished I was that cut, if you walked up while I was takein a leak behind the tent from beer thirty n you squatted down I'd think u either wanted to give me a knob job or I would think you must be a casualty of war and played the whore and the misses made sure you played the whore no more, but I'm curious as fuck I mean I've never seen a women grow a beard so I can't figure this out u got me tweaked, are u a man that cut it off or a women that just took a bunch of hormones to become a man what exactly did you do you look healthy ill give ya that you a stallion or a nag.

buckangel responded on 03/31/2014

Hi there,

Buck's a stallion--no doubt about it. He talks a lot about it in the new movie "Mr. Angel." (More info below:)

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