Hello Buck and Family, I'm starting to feel like a creepy stalker because I am so impressed with your story. By an amazing universal pull I was drawn from the Midwest to Los Angeles. My home town, but long ago left behind. I find myself here to aid my ailing Mother and am honored to escort her to the next realm. I am a fan, although biologically born female was lucky enough to have a Mother (born in 1935) that had a very open mind. I was part of an amazing family that we created ourselves. Those of us that had no one else, somehow a lone wolves found us and we became a tribe, a pack. These are unusual thoughts for a woman of 54. I am heavily tattooed. My tattoos are intentionally erotic and XX rated for a reason. I do not wear a bathing suit in public because people can not distinguish art from violence. I am open to questions but after years of condemnation do not share. I am excited to meet ouyou and buy your film. I will donate it to the U of I in your honor. EQUAL=#love

buckangel responded on 11/10/2013

Hey my friend,
Thanks so much for this, your not a stalker:) You are an amazing person. I can tell just by your story. Thank you for sharing and becoming part of my family. Thank you also for the donation that is so great. I am sending you #love and light my friend.

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