Dear Buck! My boyfriend of a year is one of your biggest fans. Not only do he and I refer to each other as buck, everyone in our circle of friends refer to each other as buck, and use the term " buck" to replace nouns/verbs; were talking 15-20 plus people. You are in our everyday conversation and we love to tell new people that we've met about you, about your transformation, and what an inspiration you are to us. I myself am part of the lgbtq community in all shapes and forms, and when Matt and I started dating, it was a huge relief that not only was he supportive of the cause, his number one role model was you! I'm sure you know transition is not the easiest thing to explain but I tell people to keep in mind that: “Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you". My question, more of a favor really would be to ask if you could sen Matt and autograph or a letter ?(I'd like to give it to him for Christmas) Sincerely, one of your biggest fans, Victoria Howe :)

buckangel responded on 11/19/2013

Hey Victoria,

What a great surprise this is..and really cool. It would be so strange to be around when everyone is calling each other Buck.
Nice to hear how you all support your relationship that is so important.
Send me an email ( you can find it on any of my websites at buckangel.com) and I can get something out to you.
Thanks so much for supporting my work.

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