Buck, When are we going to see you in Los Angeles? Thanks for your support of The Tranny Awards. You rock - I often retell the story of first meeting you in Peanuts when you managed to even shock the unshockable.
Thanks mate!
Steven Grooby

buckangel responded on 03/30/2014

Hey Steven,

Thanks so much for saying hey to Buck!

I'm not sure: did you guys got a chance to touch base yet?

I was checking through some older emails in his inbox and found this email from you. :) I am sure Buck saw it, I'm just not sure if you two got a chance to catch up. If you were not able to, please email us back and I will make sure you two connect. He's also easily reachable on social media if that would be easier for you: Twitter.com/BuckAngel - Facebook.com/officialbuckangel

You can email jaye @ buckangelentertainment.com if you are looking to get in touch and you guys weren't able to yet.



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