Hey Buck...You are a refreshing human being...I just watched a film about you and your partner on Netflix...I am a gay man and highly educated and I am a college professor....Even tho I have lived in several big cities...I am currently living in a small town in Indiana which is sometimes difficult. I want to tell you that watching your film made me grateful that people like you are in this world...what a lovely spirit you have!...my question is... how do you deal with prejudice and people who think you are not worthy of respect because you are different than they are. How do you deal with people who think you are not their version of normal. How do you not be furious at their reactions to you being comfortable in your own skin. Someone told me recently that I was too open about my sexuality. How do you observe, respond to and react to prejudice? Thank you in advance for your insight.

buckangel responded on 03/28/2014

Hi Bill,
Thanks so much for saying hey to Buck! Buck sees all of his fans' questions, and I'm sure he will see your email soon. If he has the availability, he will chime in too. Buck is very outspoken about dealing with negative energy and discusses this often in interviews. I encourage you to, if you have a bit of time, listen to Buck's interview with Joe Rogan (he addresses this at around 1 hr and 6 minutes).

Aside from that, community support is so vital and important--we sure hope you have a good campus LGBTQ center. If not, there are still resources online, places can also call (see below).

Would you like Buck to come speak on campus? Please let us know.



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