Where can I find some of the educational videos you've made for other transsexuals? I run a youth support group so sexually oriented videos would be inappropriate but I would love to see some of your inspirational stuff and be able to show it to my kiddos.

buckangel responded on 03/28/2014

Hey Lisa!

Thanks so much for saying hey ! Buck sees all fans' questions, and I'm sure he will see yours soon. If he has the availability, he will chime in. So great that you want to share Buck's mission & message w/your youth support group. He has a site called FTMHealth.com--feel free to share your group w/us, we can list it there.

Buck is a sex positive, empowered motivator, and even with his PG speeches, sometimes there is a little "language." Check out his public speaking playlist and the others below, and of course screen things for yourself first--feel free to choose from videos you find. Also if you would like Buck to come and speak for the group, please of course also let us know. He'd love to!

Public Speaking

Some of Buck's Videos



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I saw your documentary and was completely inspired by your story of destruction and then development. I am 41, born in a male body, an addict in recovery, living as a gay man in a gay relationship... but, i have always felt not male and not female -- i think i am both! does that make any sense? are there others like me? i live in saint george, utah and don't know a single transgendered person. or what i call transgenderless! LOL! seeing your movie was like heaven opening up for a brief moment and allowing me a peak inside! i don't know that i have any other questions for you just yet, but it is nice to be able to speak my truth to someone who i feel might actually understand!


buckangel responded on 03/28/2014
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Hey Buck...You are a refreshing human being...I just watched a film about you and your partner on Netflix...I am a gay man and highly educated and I am a college professor....Even tho I have lived in several big cities...I am currently living in a small town in Indiana which is sometimes difficult. I want to tell you that watching your film made me grateful that people like you are in this world...what a lovely spirit you have!...my question is... how do you deal with prejudice and people who think you are not worthy of respect because you are different than they are. How do you deal with people who think you are not their version of normal. How do you not be furious at their reactions to you being comfortable in your own skin. Someone told me recently that I was too open about my sexuality. How do you observe, respond to and react to prejudice? Thank you in advance for your insight.

buckangel responded on 03/28/2014
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