I just watched your documentary on Netflix and Loved it!! Thank you!! thank you, thank you! What a beautiful couple you two are as well!! XOXOXO to Elayne, suck a beautiful partner you have.
I have this thing about loving my clit and I have told many male friends that I do have a dick, it is called a Clit {they roll their eyes and think I am envious, HA! - (assholes)}. I have the sensation when I orgasm, if I'm being sucked by a woman, or masturbating to the image of being fucked by a man, that when I come I have a dick and the sensation of coming and filling up that woman (or myself) with the cum from my clit feels so real to what a man must experience {yeah, I can feel my balls (ovaries?) tighten up and quiver before the release} that I wonder....

Q #1. Is it your vagina that you love, or your clit? (internal and external)?

buckangel responded on 03/30/2014

Oh in response to this email too--

Please note Buck is no longer with Elayne:
Buck shared his feelings about it publicly online recently (at https://twitter.com/BuckAngel/status/450... and in other places.) At last report, Buck's said all is well and everything is moving forward in a positive direction.



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