Just finished watching your docu., on Netflix. It was beautiful and so inspiring. I also loved the photo stills and wanted to know if prints can be purchased. Loved the amazing pic where you looked so proud standing in your gym shorts. I'm at a lost for words the feeling that image gave me, and thanks for your work as a speaker. You are helping countless youths out here. I am 60 years old and wish there was some one like you in my youth I could have heard to let me know I wasn't the only one who thought and felt differently. porkfriedmike (love take out ;-))

buckangel responded on 03/30/2014

BUCK ANGEL MAKES SIGNED PRINTS AVAILABLE PRIVATELY -- FOR more info, please inquire at sales @ buckangelentertainment.com.

Hi there,

Buck is reviewing all of the greetings fans sent him over time and he wants to send his sincere appreciation for your email--

You said hi quite a while ago and we wanted to let you know what's going on with Buck these days.

Buck sees all of his fans' questions, and I'm sure he will see your email soon. If he has the availability, he will chime in too.

He has a new movie out called Mr. Angel. Have you seen it? There is more info about it below. Feel free to Tweet your greetings or thoughts about his movies--say hey on Twitter.com/BuckAngel, or Facebook.com/officialbuckangel



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