I watched your netflix documentary and I really felt the need to reach out to you.

Real quick: I'm a 29 year old cisgen gay man in CA, worked on gay rights issues, and an attorney.

Now, I wanted to tell you: thank you. Thank you for being who you are, thank you for being proud, thank you for being unabashedly amazingly wonderfully you. I've often felt that as a G in LGBT there is so much more our community can do and acheive when we really embrace every goddamn letter in our LGBTQQIA (and so on and so forth) coommunity. And I want you to know, that there are those of us out there that are 100% unphased by the notion of a ripped hot dude with a beautiful pussy. It really took me all of 5 seconds to wrap my mind around the idea of, "here is a gorgeous masculine man who, as it happens, has a vagina". I know that I could be the exception but, I don't know... I want you to know that there is support and love for you out there.
Never give up; never surrender.

buckangel responded on 03/30/2014


Your thoughts are so beautiful.

Thanks so much for saying hey to Buck! Buck sees all of his fans' questions, and I'm sure he will see your email soon. If he has the availability, he will chime in too.

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