My questions would require an in depth visit! lol, so I would just like to say, thank you for sharing your story with the world and for just being who you are. I am fascinated by your ability to be so true to yourself and for being so open about your life. I saw your story by Dan Hunt and I became an instant fan. I am a very open minded straight woman who still has body issues and the need for acceptance from others, for some crazy reason! lol... You inspire me greatly to just say, I'm me, take me or leave me! I'm not going to change or be what others want me to be. It's a lesson that can take years to learn. Sweetie, you are an Angel, I'm not religious, but I know you are here to help others see the importance of themselves because society has other designs for people who don't fit a certain 'norm'. I really wish I could meet you one day and just hang out and see the world together for a bit. Love you, stay sexy and thank you! Thanks to your gorgeous wife too! xoxo~ Andrea

buckangel responded on 03/30/2014

Hi there,

Buck is reviewing all of the greetings fans sent him over

time and he wants to send his sincere appreciation for

your email--

You said hi a while ago and we wanted to let you

know what's going on with Buck.

Buck sees all of his fans' questions, and I'm sure he

will see your email soon. If he has the availability, he

will chime in too.

Feel free to Tweet

your greetings or thoughts about his movies--say hey on

Twitter.com/BuckAngel, or Facebook.com.

Please note Buck is no longer with Elayne:
Buck shared his feelings about it publicly online recently (at https://twitter.com/BuckAngel/status/450... and in other places.) At last report, Buck's said all is well and everything is moving forward in a positive direction.



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