I saw your documentary and was completely inspired by your story of destruction and then development. I am 41, born in a male body, an addict in recovery, living as a gay man in a gay relationship... but, i have always felt not male and not female -- i think i am both! does that make any sense? are there others like me? i live in saint george, utah and don't know a single transgendered person. or what i call transgenderless! LOL! seeing your movie was like heaven opening up for a brief moment and allowing me a peak inside! i don't know that i have any other questions for you just yet, but it is nice to be able to speak my truth to someone who i feel might actually understand!


buckangel responded on 03/28/2014

Hey Aidan! : )

Thanks for emailing. Buck sees all of his fans' questions, and I'm sure he will see your email soon. If he can, he will answer too.Super cool, glad you enjoyed "Mr. Angel." We appreciate your feelings. You will come up with your own language for it, but what you are feeling might also be called being a "two spirit" person of experience. (A link explaining more is below.)

Also found a link to an organization near you as well as a Utah LGBTQ center. I know when I was first exploring my identity I couldn't even visit centers, I would call! LOL And ask questions. Then I would visit one that wasn't in the city I lived in, and so on, eventually attending events. Take your time.

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