You seem like a fun personality with a good heart. Would you be willing to come stay at my house for a period of time if I were to compensate fairly? My offer is $10,000 for one month. I will cover all travel costs and all recreational outings, provide you with transportation, and you may opt to sleep in the guest house if that would make you feel more comfortable. I do spend one week at my villa in Spain most months and would expect you travel with me, the accommodations would be smaller there so you would have to stay in the villa with me in any guest room of your choosing. I have no expectations from you, my intentions are purely platonic. I only expect you to spend at least half of your time here with me. I realize you are a busy man, so I would like to be sure you suffer no monetary loss, unfortunately I can only make assumptions of what your average monthly income is. You may feel free to counter my offer. Let me know if you are interested. Thank you for your consideration.

buckangel responded on 08/15/2014

Sounds like fun. Send me a personal email and we can talk more. Where is your villa?
XXX Buck

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