Dear Buck,
I don't know if you really read these or not, but here goes. I'm a serious alcoholic. On top of that I have some really bad emotional issues. I was sexually abused and raped more times than I can count by my cousin and his freinds. It never used to seem like it had affected me that much, I even enjoyed it sometimes, but it has hurt me baddly. I'm losing my family. My wife(soon to be x) knows about what happened in my past and has been very supportive, but people can only take so much. I haven't stopped drinking. My children are afraid to be left alone with me. I moved back with my parents. Life sucks right now. I just watched the documentary about you on Netflix tonight. I loved it. I Googled you and found out you're having some issues of your own. I'm so sorry. I know all to well how it feels. I don't know why I decided to contact you and who knows if you'll ever read this, but if you do I just want you to know you now have another fan.

buckangel responded on 08/21/2014

Hi there,
Yes I do read these though I do not always have the time to answer right away. this one seemed of importance to me, not to discount that the others are important too, but I just felt compelled to stop what I was doing to answer you. Thank you for sending this. It breaks my heart. Addiction sucks so much. You have acknowledged that you know this. Now it's about finding out how to get through it. Please reach out to someone or some place in your area. People want to help you my friend. I wouldn't be here if that wasnt true.
As for my "problems" they are nothing really. I have reached the other side and that was because I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. You can see it too, just look for it. It is there if you want it.
I am sending you lots of love and hope that maybe my small bit can help you to love yourself enough to make it.
With gratitude, Buck

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You seemed so happy together in your documentary. The question everyone wants to know is what went so wrong in your marriage that it lead you to divorce?

I would only like to hear from Buck, a personal question demands a personal answer, one of which can only be attained from Buck himself, not his people ready to fire a generic response. If you don't want to answer that's your right, too.

PS Someone answering certain questions for you makes your site seem less personable, and publishing meaningless comments such as "my name is _____" really dumbs this section down. You should teach this Jay guy a thing or two since you seem to know when something is worth publishing or responding to.

Good luck with everything you have on the table right now!

buckangel responded on 08/15/2014
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Hello Buck! I saw your documentary and was very moved by your tenacity and courage. I was very happy to see Elayne was part of your life (she did my belly piercing Easter 1996 at Rings of Desire in N.O., what a sweetheart!) My question is, do you have any plans to make an appearance in Central Florida? I live on the Space Coast (Satellite Beach) and would love to attend a function and rally a fan club to make people aware that people with different sexual orientations, transsexuals, etc. are just as normal as heterosexual John and Jane Doe who only know the missionary position. Education is key in expanding minds of people that fear anything different. I recognize the value of helping people learn to accept and appreciate the diversity of humanity. Personally, I have nothing to gain except perhaps to assist in creating more open hearts by spreading facts not opinions. Thank you for sharing your story and being a good man despite all the adversity you've encountered. Linda

buckangel responded on 11/01/2014
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