Hi! I'm 25 years old, born female and wanting to appear male since I can remember (about 2 years old). I've recently started seeing a therapist about a lot of stuff including being transgender. Thing is, she's understanding but virtually clueless about the whole thing. Do you think I should find a new therapist? I feel like a therapist should be able to give me information on groups and treatments in the area or even ideas on if insurance will help me cover things or clinics that do this stuff in the area. Am I wrong for thinking that? Sometimes this info isn't easy to find. What do you think I should do?
I want to say thank you for even reading this! Ever since the first time I saw you, you've been a huge inspiration to me and you are in the body I strive to have someday. Thank you for being on this planet and being as strong as you have been. You're a huge inspiration to me, and I hope I can feel as comfortable in my skin as you do.

buckangel responded on 03/28/2016

Hello friend, Thank you for your kind words. You should get a therapist that understands transitioning. There are many out there. If you need help with a list tell me. You are in control of your own mental health so dont feel bad to change therapists. I am happy that you are taking care of yourself that way and going to seek mental health as I believe that is the first step before anything else.
Sending you love, Buck

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