First I am a fan and love the work you do for LGBT equality. My question is one of semantics. The term "tranny" is understandably offensive, but why do many transsexual performers still use it?

buckangel responded on 02/15/2012

This is the big question of the day! The term has been used in adult for years with no problem. It has just now been something that some trans people dislike. Thats is totally fine. But there are some who do not find it offensive at all. It is a term of endearment for some folks, just like the word queer. Some gay folks find that offensive but why is it ok for the queer community to use it without prejudice? There are many in that community trying to say the word tranny is bad,that sounds like a double standard to me?
I have no problem with the word and I respect those who do not like it, as they should with me and my friends who like to use it.
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