I am a M2F TS, just starting HRT soon. I am interested in entering adult movies, but have no idea how to get in, especially as a Trans. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

buckangel responded on 05/02/2012

Hi I would contact some of the trans women companies to see if they are interested other than that I usually send this out.

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, I am not a porn consultant and have little input or advice to offer you on the matter, except to say that porn is definitely not a get-rich-quick industry. It is very hard work that is extremely unlikely to earn you more than a relatively small intermittent paycheck. And, if you don't look like the average male or female porn star of today, you will probably not even make that. I can say (because I obviously do not represent one of those popular categories) pursuing a career and finding a place in the industry has taken years and is still a work in progress.

I do have some other important advice: DO NOT be so willing to "do anything." Should you decide to pursue working in the adult entertainment industry you should be willing to do ONLY safer sex. I know of performers who were willing to "do anything" and ended up w

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