http://xthread.tumblr.com/post/31138491407/tw-victim-blaming-buck-angel-thinks-its-the-fault This link was on a ftm fb page cant c this being the whole truth and wondered if you had link I could post

buckangel responded on 11/03/2012

This is just more Buck bashing as I like to say. I am not going to get into the whole thing as they just want my time..basically you can read about what I said here and make your own choice. They just turned my words around to say I think trans women should be killed..now why would I say that?? It is just some kind of crazy "community" envy and that is not what I said. I said Disclosure is very important and used the example of a trans woman who does not disclose and she gets beat up or killed and that is a horrible thing. So just read the article and you can see what i mean. There is this whole group of trans people who just look for things to find fault in. They are hurting the community. All I know is what I said and what most people reading it know what I said.
PS it is mostly a crazy tumblr henchmen crew.

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